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Capturing One Love Story at a Time

HI THERE! I'm Em! AKA your favorite new third wheel! Thanks for stopping by! I am a 25 year old wedding, family, and lifestyle photographer residing in Utah County with my husband and our three sons! I am ALWAYS available for travel! I have been a full time photographer for over five  years now. Photography is so much more than just a camera and a subject for me, it is my passion, and the only job I feel is meant for me! I will always do my best to ensure that you know you are my priority. The idea of capturing a moment in time forever is so magical to me, and I want to help create that magic. From the forehead kisses, to the tickle fights, to grandma breaking it down on the dance floor, I will capture it all. I take pride in the hard work I put into every single session I do, and always aspire to create the most beautiful outcomes for my clients. So, let's chat talking about how I can create magic for you! Hope to hear from you soon!


Let's Be Friends!

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